WIN $750!

Enter for a chance to win $750 for creating an original sandwich recipe and a chance to have your sandwich on the Green Shack Menu! The Green Shack is offering $750 to the winning submission of the Green Shack Createry! No purchase necessary!

Here’s How To Enter

For your chance to win the $750 grand prize!

Want to join the nationwide competition? Of course you do. Now’s your chance to leave your mark on the world and have your culinary genius be immortalized on the Green Shack menu!

What you must do:

  • Submit an original sandwich recipe
  • Submit a picture of the sandwich
  • Name the sandwich
  • Submit your recipe and picture between January 1st, and June 30th 2018

How it will be judged:

  • The sandwich recipe will be replicated via the instructions you provided. Your recipe must be clear and concise.
  • The sandwich taste will be judged and voted on by a panel of taste experts and Green Shack customers.
  • The sandwich will be judged on how it looks after creation.



Winners will be announced in August 2018. There will be two runner ups awarded $100 each and one grand prize winner awarded $750! The winning sandwich will be featured on the official Green Shack Menu!

Be creative, be unique, be fun! You have until June 30th 2018 to submit your recipe. This is your chance to put your culinary talents to work and have your creation be immortalized on the Green Shack Menu. Submit your creation below.



Stay tuned for the winning announcements!

We will contact you if you are a winner!

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