Ways to SAVE at the Green Shack in 2019

1. Bring your student ID and save 10%

Students, this is your time to shine! If you’re going to CSUSB or attending another college, show your student ID at the register and save 10% off of your purchase!

2. Check-In on the Yelp app and get a free cookie with your purchase.

Want a free cookie with your purchase? All you have to do is check-in at the Green Shack on your Yelp app and show the register. Bam! Free cookie!

3. Promo Codes – get discounts when ordering from online or the app.

Every week, there will be another promo code that you can use when ordering from online or the app. Use the promo code to get a discount! See all of the latest promo codes here!

4. Leave a review and receive a dollar off of your sandwich.

If you leave a review on Facebook, Yelp or Google Plus, you can receive a dollar off of your next sandwich!

5. Get a free drink when you ask for Manal when getting Notary or DMV services.

The Green Shack does everything! When you come in for some Notary or DMV services, ask for Manal and you can get yourself a free drink!

6. Find the hidden Golden Green Shack logo and get a free 6″ sub!

Every month on THIS website, there is a Golden Green Shack Logo hidden somewhere among the many pages. The first three people to find it every month and show it at the register on their mobile device will get a FREE 6″ sub of their choice!

7. Wear a piece of Green Shack apparel at the register and save a dollar.

Buy something from our shop and wear it to the register to save a dollar on EVERY purchase! Once you get a Green Shack T shirt, hat, mug or bag, you can save a dollar on your Green Shack purchase every day you come in wearing it. If you’re a frequent Green Shack buyer, these shirts will pay for themselves!