45 Years of GreenShack Market: Serving San Bernardino with Community, Convenience, and Good Food

In 1978, a visionary named Nardine Iskander opened the doors of GreenShack Market in the heart of San Bernardino, California. Little did she know that her humble market would become a staple in the community for the next 45 years. Throughout the years, Nardine and her dedicated team joined forces to expand GreenShack’s services and offerings, transforming it into a one-stop-shop that catered to the diverse needs of the San Bernardino residents. This blog post delves into the remarkable journey of GreenShack Market and how it has evolved to serve as a pillar of the San Bernardino community, offering essential services such as bill payment, money orders, Western Union, notary, printing services, a travel agency, and, of course, delicious food.

  1. The Birth of GreenShack Market: Nardine Iskander’s entrepreneurial spirit drove her to establish GreenShack Market in 1978. As a passionate advocate for the local community, Nardine envisioned a place where residents could conveniently access essential goods and services while fostering a sense of belonging. With its doors open, GreenShack became an instant hit among the San Bernardino locals, drawing in customers seeking quality products, personalized service, and a friendly atmosphere.
  2. Expanding Services for Community Convenience: Over the years, GreenShack Market responded to the evolving needs of the community by diversifying its services. Recognizing the importance of convenience, GreenShack introduced a range of services aimed at simplifying the lives of its customers. From bill payment to money orders and Western Union services, residents found a reliable partner in GreenShack for their financial transactions. The addition of notary services further enhanced the market’s ability to support individuals and businesses in their legal documentation requirements.
  3. A Hub for Essential Services: As GreenShack Market continued to grow, it recognized the need to provide an extensive range of essential services under one roof. The introduction of printing services allowed local businesses and individuals to access high-quality printing solutions for their various needs. Additionally, GreenShack’s travel agency became a trusted resource for booking flights, planning vacations, and exploring the world. This holistic approach to serving the community transformed GreenShack into a true hub for all things essential.
  4. Good Food, Good Times: While providing essential services was at the core of GreenShack Market, it never forgot the importance of good food in bringing people together. The market’s dedication to offering delicious food options quickly made it a go-to spot for residents looking for a quick bite or a satisfying meal. GreenShack’s culinary offerings evolved over the years, adding new flavors, recipes, and customer favorites to its menu. From bomb desserts to mouthwatering sandwiches, GreenShack ensured that every visitor left with a smile and a satisfied appetite.
  5. Building Community Connections: Beyond its wide range of services, GreenShack Market has always been deeply committed to building meaningful connections within the San Bernardino community. Nardine, Jerry, and Their team actively participated in local events, charities, and initiatives aimed at improving the lives of residents. By actively engaging with the community, GreenShack fostered a sense of belonging, creating a warm and welcoming environment for everyone who stepped through its doors.
  6. The Market of Choice: GreenShack Market’s enduring success can be attributed to its dedication to customer satisfaction. The market’s unwavering commitment to providing high-quality products, personalized service, and a welcoming atmosphere has earned it the status of the market of choice in San Bernardino. Generations of families have passed through GreenShack’s doors, making it a cherished part of their lives.

Conclusion: For 45 years, GreenShack Market has stood as a testament to the power of community, convenience, and good food. Nardine Iskander’s vision and the collective efforts of Jerry Martinez, Manal Iskander, Nick Harney and The San Bernardino residents have shaped GreenShack into a beloved institution. From its humble beginnings as a market, GreenShack has grown to offer essential services, delicious food, and a sense of belonging to the community. As GreenShack looks to the future, it remains committed to serving the evolving needs of San Bernardino, continuing to be a trusted partner and a gathering place for all.

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