The Green Shack Blog

By September 27, 2015Green Shack General

The Green Shack now has an official blog!

Check back on or visit us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see our latest deals, specials, events contests and more!

So what does this mean?

Every few days you’ll see the latest brilliance from the Green Shack – whether it be new deals and specials from the Travel Shack, contests or ways to win and earn free sandwiches, T-Shirts and other neat stuff, the Green Shack blog will be there to hook you up with the information you need!

The Green Shack has become such an iconic part of the San Bernardino community that we will also be sharing reviews of nearby and local businesses. If you would like us to write a piece on your business, please contact us here and let us know. If you would like to host an event on our lovely Green Shack patio complete with tables and a PA system, give us a shout! If you want a little glimpse at some of our secret recipes that make our sandwiches the award winning pieces of culinary art that they are, well you may just find that here.

This is our first official post of the Green Shack blog so stay tuned and don’t forget to come in to The Green Shack and have a bite to eat. Thank you!